Happy New Year! – 2018 Writing Goals

In this post, I wanted to share the three writing goals that I want to get done this year.

Well, it’s 2018! Happy New Year! And this is my first post on my new blog, too, so that’s exciting! In this post, I wanted to share the three writing goals that I want to get done this year. And if you have any goals, you should share them with me too!

Okay. Shall we get on with this? ;3

1. Finish Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest has been my main fic for a really long time now. I started writing it for NaNoWriMo in 2015. I also worked on it for both Camp NaNoWriMos last year, really eager to get through it, but it’s just not done yet.

It’s not that I don’t like this fic. Not at all. It’s just that it’s been my main fic for, well, this will be the third year now, won’t it? And I’d love to be able to move on to something new! I’ve written a couple side projects in this time—in fact, I’m one update away from finishing one of those side projects right now—but I can’t dedicate that much time to anything else with all that’s going on.

And, really, the reality is that I can’t dedicate that much time to Conflicts of Interest with everything that’s going on, either. I might have finished it by now, but life things kept happening and preventing me from working on it for sometimes months on end.

But—and my readers might be interested to know this—we’re nearing the home stretch! There’s, as always, a large draft in a document, and it’s just a matter of those final edits before upload. Soon, all the turbulent throw-us-to-the-end-of-the-story stuff is going to happen. And that’ll be pretty exciting!

My next big fic is going to be planned and written in its entirety before I post it to avoid just this problem, haha. Hopefully that’ll make the experience a little smoother for my lovely readers! ^-^/

2. Finish Planning How Many Sunsets

This one is a little smaller, and a little less stressful, hehe. I’ve mentioned How Many Sunsets before on my Tumblr. It’s the next which project of mine which, as I said, I plan to … Well. I plan to plan it in a whole lot more detail than my last big project. I’ve learned that I’m way more of a planner than a pantser. And that’s okay!

I’ve already done a great deal of the planning process. I use The Novel Factory, software which helps you to plan novels as well as write them, and see all your notes and planning smoothly in one place with your draft. It’s good for my long fics too! I really like it and it’s really helped me out. I’m not going to get too ambitious about finishing How Many Sunsets, with all the work I have to do on Conflicts of Interest and everything, but planning it in the background will be awesome and hopefully I’ll finish!

3. Don’t Fail My Coursework. Hehe.

Well, you might not think this is a writing one, but it is! And an important one, too. A lot of my coursework is going to just be writing. A lot of writing. And, you know, it’s really important to me that I can … graduate and everything. Hehe. So I’ve got to make sure that I plan everything well so that I can actually get through the rest of the year. For the most part, it’s coursework that takes me away from my fics, but that’s okay! It’s really important.

I’ve got a lot of writing to do for it, too. There’s a long to do list over here.

Thanks for reading! This is my first real post on this blog, like I said, which is why I’m excited. It was fun! 

I’m going to get back to my writing now. 

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